Still wasting hours manually copying and pasting contacts from LinkedIn into SugarCRM?
It’s time to try Social2Sugar – SugarCRM LinkedIn integration.
In only 1 click you will import LinkedIn contacts as Leads or Contacts right in your SugarCRM.
And you don’t even have to be connected!


Find new leads on LinkedIn

You find the contact on Linkedin that you’d like to add to your SugarCRM.

Import them with one click

Сlick the “Import to CRM” button. Social2Sugar analyzes the contact information and determines whether this person is already in your SugarCRM.

Enjoy the data in your CRM

If the contact is not there, Social2Sugar automatically creates a new lead or contact in SugarCRM. With the help of SugarCRM LinkedIn integration, with only 1 click the contact’s details are already in your CRM.


Save time

Just 1 click – and all the lead details are already in your SugarCRM. Get more time on doing your work and winning deals with SugarCRM LinkedIn integration.

Automate work

No more countless hours of copy and paste and no more manual import. Use the LinkedIn and SugarCRM connector to make your life easier.

Focus on your customer

Concentrate on what really matters — your customer relationship, and not the process of adding the customer into your SugarCRM.

Increase sales

More leads — more opportunities — more sales. That simple. Quickly access the data you need right in your SugarCRM.

Build your sales pipeline

Easily and quickly fill your SugarCRM with fresh leads from LinkedIn. With Social2Sugar plugin you do not need to be connected on LinkedIn to add a person’s details in your Sugar.

Best value for your money

Quick installation, user friendly interface, free 2 weeks trial, outstanding customer support, constantly improving tool – get seamless SugarCRM and LinkedIn integration with Social2Sugar.


This plugin is amazing. Saves us so much time and integrates easily into the Sugar CRM environment. If you use LinkedIn and Sugar, you need this plugin.

Martin (London)

An amazing time saver in getting contacts and leads into Sugar without manual data entry. A few clicks from their LinkedIn profile and the prospect is cleanly and accurately pushed into Sugar. Wish we'd bought it for the team years ago, as now we have so many more leads going into the CRM daily, the opportunity volume has increased tenfold. Love it.

Peter (Sydney)


Free Trial

$0per user
  • Dedicated Support
  • Import 50 LinkedIn leads
  • Enjoy a month free trial

Most Popular Billed annually

$99.95per user
  • Dedicated Support
  • Import unlimited number of leads
  • Free updates

Billed monthly

$9.95per user
  • Dedicated Support
  • Import unlimited number of leads
  • Cancel anytime

You will only need get the licence for the users who will be actually working with the addon. No need to get licences for all SugarCRM users.
In SugarCRM admin panel you will determine which users will be working with the addon.

Try Social2Sugar free for 1 month and enjoy improved SugarCRM experience!